Monday, May 14, 2012

Poor Cookie Image

Some people have a very poor body image, not me.  I am pretty realistic about things.  These thick thighs are very strong, my size 10 feet get me where I need to go and my belly, well, everyone has something they don't like.  All in all I am happy to get by without people running and shrieking in horror.  My cookies? Now, that is a different story.  I have a very poor Cookie Image.  I could solve world hunger with the amount of perfectly fine flawed hearts, flowers and Christmas Trees that have landed in the garbage can.  I expect them to have a perfection that is probably not realistic or achievable.
When I first decided to start selling my cookies I had visions of perfectly baked, decorated and wrapped cookies all tied with a cute little bow.  I imagined my cute, pink apron that would always be perfectly pressed and clean.  On Sunday at 3:00am as I dragged my weary self to bed I had an epiphany.  I love to make my cookies.  I love to create little sweet, sugary works of art.  I love turning a dog paw cookie cutter into a bouquet of flowers.  I get giddy thinking about how I am going to turn the wall paper design on my blog page into an adorable cookie that everyone will love.  Most importantly I realized that every good thing takes time and dedication.  Passion is not always enough.
I am committed to making an Awesome Cookie with fresh, quality ingredients.  I will deliver what I say I am going to.  I will make sure that every cookie is decorated and packaged in a way that shows the incredible pride that I have in my business.  Until I reach my sugar cookie Shangri-La, I am committed to learning along the way.  I will accept that humidity does play games with Royal Icing.  I will gladly change piping bags to squeeze bottles and back again until it feels right.  I will keep reminding myself that the cookies I see on websites are like first dates, it's the best that person has to offer.  I would rather go to bed exhausted at 3am, knowing that I am pursuing my passion than restlessly dream about what could possibly be, if I was perfect.
Welcome to my Journey.


  1. Much sweet success to you, Sue, as you begin your journey as a cookie maven. Your cookies look luscious and my dear Sis, Colleen, assures me they are as tasty as they are beautiful! I can't wait to taste them for myself! xo

    1. Thanks Mary Beth! I can't wait to share some cookies with you!! xo