Friday, May 18, 2012

Clown Cookie Race!

WHEEEWWWW... There was a close call at Susabelle's last night!  Yesterday afternoon I was asked to make 20 clown cookies for a preschool party THIS MORNING!!  No Problem!  Actually, there were a few problems.
1.  I only had one batch of cookie dough in the fridge and no room-temperature butter.
2.  Not enough frosting made.
3.  No Meringue Powder in the house. (problem because of #2)
4.  I work with one cookie sheet and one cooling rack.
5.  I work until 5:15
6.  No Clown Cookie cutter (Thank God- see below)
7.  I am SCARED of clowns.  (They are scary and you all know it)

At 5:15 began the mad dash, I was home and into my cookie-making clothes by 5:30.  I started with a drawing of a clown (yuck) so that I could get an idea of size and shape.  I considered doing just a clown hat but that seemed too boring so I went with the full face.
 I hand cut the dough that was in the fridge.  No sense buying a clown cookie cutter that could potentially sneak off my shelf and kill me in the middle of the night. 
While these were cooling and the second batch of dough was chilling, I decided to tackle the frosting. 
Warning: No frosting should be attempted without wine and Dave Matthews.
i.m.h.o. The frosting is the trickiest part of the entire process.  I need the right consistency, the right color, the right tip on the right bag and as long as the humidity is ok and the frosting gods are smiling, I am all set.  Also, spending part of my evening scrubbing wiping powdered sugar off every surface in my kitchen is enough to make me want to take up knitting.
Having said all that, NOTHING beats the thrill of sitting down to create these little works of art.
By Midnight I had 20 of these smiling faces safely locked drying in my cookie room!

At 8:00am they were packaged and ready to be delivered to the clown that ordered them for the preschool class.
I heard one little girl cried the whole time the clown was there- I hear ya, Sister!  Hope the cookies helped soothe the pain.  They always work for me.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sweet Dreams

Going to bed knowing that there are freshly baked cookies in the house, waiting to be decorated, is VERY unnerving.  It takes every ounce of restraint (of which I barely have any of in the first place) not to start mixing the frosting, which is also made and sitting in a bowl waiting for me.  I will have sweet sugary dreams of girly-girl cookies! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Poor Cookie Image

Some people have a very poor body image, not me.  I am pretty realistic about things.  These thick thighs are very strong, my size 10 feet get me where I need to go and my belly, well, everyone has something they don't like.  All in all I am happy to get by without people running and shrieking in horror.  My cookies? Now, that is a different story.  I have a very poor Cookie Image.  I could solve world hunger with the amount of perfectly fine flawed hearts, flowers and Christmas Trees that have landed in the garbage can.  I expect them to have a perfection that is probably not realistic or achievable.
When I first decided to start selling my cookies I had visions of perfectly baked, decorated and wrapped cookies all tied with a cute little bow.  I imagined my cute, pink apron that would always be perfectly pressed and clean.  On Sunday at 3:00am as I dragged my weary self to bed I had an epiphany.  I love to make my cookies.  I love to create little sweet, sugary works of art.  I love turning a dog paw cookie cutter into a bouquet of flowers.  I get giddy thinking about how I am going to turn the wall paper design on my blog page into an adorable cookie that everyone will love.  Most importantly I realized that every good thing takes time and dedication.  Passion is not always enough.
I am committed to making an Awesome Cookie with fresh, quality ingredients.  I will deliver what I say I am going to.  I will make sure that every cookie is decorated and packaged in a way that shows the incredible pride that I have in my business.  Until I reach my sugar cookie Shangri-La, I am committed to learning along the way.  I will accept that humidity does play games with Royal Icing.  I will gladly change piping bags to squeeze bottles and back again until it feels right.  I will keep reminding myself that the cookies I see on websites are like first dates, it's the best that person has to offer.  I would rather go to bed exhausted at 3am, knowing that I am pursuing my passion than restlessly dream about what could possibly be, if I was perfect.
Welcome to my Journey.